The History of Christianity (Vol 1)


By: Hill, Jonathan


ISBN: 9781912552528

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How did a group of scared peasants from a backwater of the Roman empire – followers of an executed criminal – form the largest religion on the planet?

The story of Christianity, its transformation from an illegal sect to the religion of emperors, kings and presidents, and its spread across the globe, is an endlessly fascinating one. The History of Christianity gives readers an overview of these extraordinary 2,000 years. It is a history not only of how Christianity has changed the world, but also of how the world has changed Christianity.

The nine chaptersthat constitute this volume are arranged almost chronologically and take us from the first Christians to Christian Rome, the Byzantine period, and the spread of Christianity in Russia and in Europe right up to the Reformation.

Boxed features throughout the volume highlight especially important figures or themes from each of these periods. The History of Christianity: The Early Church to the Reformation will be welcomed by all those wanting a lively and engaging presentation of the people, events, places, and plain curiosities that have formed the Christian story.