The Growth Group Notebook [HC]


By: Beilharz, Karen (ed)


ISBN: 9781922206190

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This is not a personal journal.  It’s a companion for your growth group (or ‘home group’ or ‘connect group’ or whatever else you might call them at your church).  It’s designed to help your group grow together and grow the gospel together.  Each section aims to focus your collective attention on gospel concerns so that as you study the Bible together, pray together, promote the gospel together, and serve and care for one another, you slowly take on the likeness and fullness of Christ.  In its pages, you can record group prayer points and jot down regular reflections on things God has been teaching you from your times studying the Bible together.  But there are also helpful articles on a variety of topics relating to the life of your group, suggestions for broadening the scope of your group prayers, and advice on setting helpful group goals and expectations.  As a bonus, we’ve also thrown in a section for you to record notes from sermons.