The Greek Word Study Thesaurus


By: Lenz, Christopher


ISBN: 9781666737912

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With Vocabulary from The Greek New Testament

Greek was the lingua franca; now it is a window back in time to the most prolific, most authentic, and most profound collection of ancient manuscripts still of extreme interest to a monolith of readers today.  This thesaurus is the product of years of research and superior scholarship, in search of a way to make the language more accessible to Greek-lovers everywhere.  Besides reinforcing your Greek vocabulary, it can point you to words that might be overlooked in a word study, it lets you find the word you’re looking for in the case where you know the meaning but you forget the Greek word, and it can help discover why an author used a particular word in a specific context and what other possible words could have been used.  You’ll also find collections of words related to the same topic such as legal terms, cooking terms, colors, animals, and parts of speech like conjunctions, prepositions, pronouns, and much more.  If you’re a Greek scholar at any level, beginner or advanced, this thesaurus is for you!