The Good Living Guide (Matt 5:1-12)


By: Jensen & Payne

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ISBN: 9781921441233

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Blessed are the poor in spirit…but can I keep my Mercedes?

Blessed are those who mourn…but what if no–one I know has died lately?

The meek shall inherit the earth…if that’s OK with the rest of you.

The Beatitudes are among the best–known verses in the Bible, but what do they really mean? The Good Living Guideunlocks the treasures of the beatitudes by going back to the Old Testament. The Old Testament was Jesus’ Bible, and all these pithy sayings are either direct quotes from it, or strongly reflect it’s teaching.

The Good Living Guide will not only help you discover afresh the meaning of Matthew 5:1–12, it will teach you how to understand the New Testament by learning the message of the Old. And most important of all, you will have the painful but exhilarating experience of being challenged by the words of Jesus.

An ideal study book for individuals and small groups.