The Girl with Special Shoes


By: Muluh, Hilda

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ISBN: 9781594528590

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Miracles Don’t Always Look Like You’d Expect

Hilda’s family didn’t know she had muscular dystrophy.  They just knew their preschooler was losing her ability to walk.  But they were determined to find a cure.

Being disabled in Cameroon meant not only obstacles to transport, but visits to diviners and evangelists, threats of sexual assault, discrimination, and a crisis of faith.  Despite the hardship Hilda has faced, her family’s unwavering support and God’s unwavering grace have helped her persevere to become a national broadcaster.  Her inspiring triumph over adversity will give you hope, no matter how dark your trials.  Walk a mile in Hilda’s shoes and learn how:

  • She lost her mobility and found her purpose.
  • A gutsy girl broke the glass ceiling of disability.
  • People saw her broken body, but God saw a worthy vessel.
  • She and her family searched for healing, but God had other plans.
  • She didn’t need to stand to be outstanding.
  • God was on the move when she was stuck.
  • Her hope overcame hardship.

The Girl with Special Shoes is the witty and heartfelt story of a family’s sacrificial love and a God who refashions pain into purpose.