The Feminist Mistake [eBook]


By: Kassian, Mary A.

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ISBN: 9781433517044

The Radical Impact of Feminism on Church and Culture

Feminism remains one of the most urgent issues the church is facing today, as shown by the increasing confusion over gender roles in marriages, families, and churches. With a growing number of theologians and denominations advocating radical gender egalitarianism, we must answer many questions about women in the church-and in the wider culture. In order to do this, first we need to understand the history and development of feminist thought.

In The Feminist Gospel, Mary Kassian provided a thought-provoking inquiry into the history of feminism. Now, in this thoroughly revised and updated book, she revisits the subject, adding to its history an examination of the effects of feminism. The Feminist Mistake is a reliable, biblical critique that will provide answers and inspire serious reflection on this issue.

“Mary Kassian’s thorough look into the development of feminist thought is a sound refutation of a movement that clearly rejects the authority of the Bible. A valuable tool for today’s Christian!”
Beverly LaHaye, Founder and Chairman, Concerned Women for America

“An important and original contribution to debates over feminist theology. . . . I warmly recommend this book.”
D. A. Carson, Research Professor of New Testament, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

“Timely, fresh, succinct, and best of all, biblical. I commend to you The Feminist Mistake.”
Anne Ortlund, Author, Disciplines of the Beautiful Woman

“An intelligent, balanced effort to understand feminist philosophy and theology, going beyond insightful analysis into a warmly passionate and reflectively penetrating invitation to grapple with crucial issues.”
Larry Crabb, Jr., Distinguished Scholar in Residence, Colorado Christian University

“This is an incisive, sympathetic, and well-balanced treatment of one of the most important theological and sociological phenomena of our age.”
Harold O. J. Brown, Professor Emeritus of Biblical and Systematic Theology, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School






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