The Divorce Dilema


By: Misiko, Ron

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ISBN: 9781594527975

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Equipping You To Minister With Grace And Truth

Divorce is rising throughout Africa.  We are seeing broken marriages leave families in pain.  The church faces a dilemma.  We are not sure how to connect what the Bible says with the person in front of us.  We may be afraid of saying or doing the wrong thing, so we avoid talking about divorce at all.  But divorce isn’t going away.  Instead, struggling people are going away, fearful or frustrated about turning to Christians for help.  How can we respond as the body of Christ?

Two wise church leaders share all they have learned in a practical handbook, The Divorce Dilemma.  Their book will equip you to understand what the Bible says, what divorced people go through, and what Christians can do to navigate these challenges with God’s grace and truth.

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