The Christian Pastor’s Manual [HC]


By: John Brown of Edinburgh


ISBN: 9781601789693

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Godly men from the past present a wealth of material for pastors as well as for those training for the ministry. The character, qualifications, and duties of the preacher are emphasized along with the difficulties and snares associated with the office. The priority of preaching Christ faithfully and experientially is held forth as the focal point of pastoral ministry. The Christian Pastor’s Manual was first published in 1826. Tested by time, it remains a relevant and formative handbook on pastoral ministry.

Table of Contents:

1. The Evil and Danger of Neglecting Souls–Dr. Phillip Doddridge
2. Preaching Christ–Rev. John Jennings
3. Particular and Experimental Preaching–Rev. John Jennings
4. Pastoral Cautions–Rev. Abraham Booth
5. The Qualifications Necessary for Teachers of Christianity–Dr. John Erskine
6. Ministers of the Gospel Cautioned against Giving Offense–Dr. John Erskine
7. Difficulties of the Pastoral Office–Dr. John Erskine
8. Rules for the Preacher’s Conduct–Dr. Isaac Watts
9. Directions to the Student and the Pastor–Rev. John Mason
10. The Character and Duty of a Christian Preacher–Rev. David Bostwick
11. A Letter on the Propriety of a Ministerial Address to the Unconverted–Rev. John Newton
12. Thoughts on 1 Timothy 4:13–Rev. Thomas Scott
13. The Snares and Difficulties Attending the Ministry of the Gospel–Rev. John Newton
14. Remarks on Subjects Connected with the Christian Ministry–Rev. Richard Cecil
15. Questions Proper for Young Ministers Frequently to Put to Themselves–Dr. Isaac Watts