The Bookends of the Christian Life [eBook]


By: Bevington, Bob, Bridges, Jerry

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ISBN: 9781433522574

Bookends for our bookshelves are helpful.
Bookends for our lives are essential.

Jerry Bridges and Bob Bevington use the creative metaphor of “bookends” to help us fully embrace the two things that are absolutely crucial for staying steady in the Christian life: our justification in Christ and the transformative power of the Holy Spirit. Here is a guide to experiencing the peace, joy, and stability we all desire.

Jerry Bridges is an award-winning author of nearly fifteen books, including the bestseller The Pursuit of Holiness, which has sold well over a million copies. He has an international speaking ministry and is also a longtime staff member of The Navigators, currently serving with their collegiate ministry.

Bob Bevington (OD, Ohio State University) has practiced optometry since 1980 and cofounded several entrepreneurial companies. However, his passion is the message of the cross. He met Bridges in 2003, and their mentoring relationship—along with Bevington’s writing skills and disciplines—led them to coauthor The Great Exchange.







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