The 18 Inch Principle


By: Burnard, Mike


ISBN: 9781504920728

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This book does not provide neutral ground. Once youve read it, you either hate it and reject it, or you love and embrace it. The 18 Inch Principle confronts us with a U-turn in the field of missions. Church and missions are not two separate realities: missions is constitutive to the Church. The very existence of the Church is missional. However, for Mike Burnard, mission is not entertainment, religious tourism, professional speeches, or philanthropic projects. Drawing from Biblical principles and a long experience with the persecuted Church, Mike argues convincingly that mission is both the embodiment of the Gospel in the life of every true believer and a clear proclamation of the Gospel to a lost world. Willingness to endure persecution, suffering and martyrdom for the Gospel is the genuine mark of Biblical mission.
Paul Negrut (PhD), Professor of Theology, Emanuel University of Oradea, Romania and Pastor of the Emanuel Baptist Church of Oradea, Romania

I have finally finished reading the 18 Inch Principle. WOW! What an amazing, truthful book. I just wish every Christian could get their hands on a copy! I think the content of the book doesnt only apply to missions but to every God-fearing Christian. I have shed many tears throughout the book and after your conclusion I just wept. I have learnt a lot and it has been such a blessing to me!
Gigi Raimbault, Student at Africa for Jesus Mission School

One of the most profound books I have ever read. We are challenged in an unprecedented way to follow in the steps of Jesus. The commitment needed to bring in the end-time harvest is clearly spelled out. The plight of the lost millions without Jesus depends on our commitment to be obedient to a sacrificial lifestyle.
Christo Walters, Missions mobiliser, Gauteng

If you are looking for fluffy feel good, then this book is not for you! Be prepared for a challenging read that will evoke raw emotion, disagreement, agreement, inspiration, and hopefully action. We have been given all things, equipped, washed clean, for the work God has called all of us to do. Its time to leave the physical building we like to call the Church (but isnt) and get out there and get busy! So strap yourself in, have your pen and highlighter handy, take your time, and thank God for this amazing journey.
Curt Vahle, Just a guy from Indianapolis, Indiana