Test, Train, Affirm & Send into Ministry


By: Croft, Brian

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ISBN: 9781846251979

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The once strong commitment by the local church throughout church history to affirm a person who possesses the gifts and godly character suitable for Christian ministry, known as the external call, has practically vanished in the twenty-first century.  This book is designed to equip and call back local churches to this biblical responsibility.  This is accomplished by answering the typical questions that accompany this topic: Who is responsible?  Who receives this call?  Who gives this call and how does a local church proceed to give it?  These are just a few of the important questions that are biblically, theologically, and practically answered.  The aim of this book is to contribute to an awakening in the local church to relieve unnecessary pressures upon theological institutions, alleviate confusion to those seeking a call into gospel ministry, and restore a vision to this divine call which God has placed solely upon his redeemed people.





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