Teacher, Teacher


By: le Roux, Kate


ISBN: 9781072179900

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Biology teacher Jack is a little tired of his colleagues teasing him about how perfect he and fellow teacher Amy would be for each other. She’s nice, sure, but for two people to get together mostly because they are both tall is just plain dumb. But when Jack and Amy are given a job to do together, it turns out that they have more in common than he thought. Amy knows she’s naïve, so perhaps volunteering to tutor Shakespeare and English grammar to the troubled teens of the gang-infested Cape Flats is just what she needs to grow up a bit and get the hang of this adulting thing. Besides, she could do with something to distract her from the dark-haired guy on a motorbike, who takes up more of her thoughts than she knows he should.

Join Jack and Amy through a year in the life of Thornhill High, on on a journey of friendship and faith, conviction and opposition, romance, hopelessness and heart-breaking tragedy in this uniquely Capetonian story.

This book contains no sexual content, gratuitous violence or strong language and is suitable for readers from thirteen up.