Take Courage (DVD Set)


By: Rothschild, Jennifer

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ISBN: 634337983998

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Study the Book of Haggai to learn lessons from the ancient Israelites, who returned home from captivity to find their land and homes in shambles. They attempted to reconstruct the temple, however, they became discouraged and quit. Haggai challenged them to consider their priorities and get back to work. Like the Israelites, sometimes we find ourselves in transition, with wrecked lives and little hope. This study will challenge us to take courage, rebuild what is broken, and rise to be the women God calls us to be. (7 sessions)


  • Leader helps to guide questions and discussions within small groups
  • Personal study segments to complete between 7 weeks of group sessions
  • Interactive teaching videos, approximately 25 minutes per session


  • Defeat discouragement with God’s presence, people, and Word.
  • Choose devotion to God over promotion of self.
  • See beyond your current circumstances to a future in Christ.