Sunsets [eBook]


By: Howard, Deborah

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ISBN: 9781433517662

Reflections for Life’s Final Journey

Because one death touches many lives, it is important for both those who are dying and those who love them to be prepared for the pain and grief that accompany it. Here Deborah Howard shares words of comfort and encouragement for everyone coping with suffering and death. Her compassion, firm faith in Christ, and years of working as a hospice nurse create a uniquely sensitive, experiential, and biblical volume.

Above all, she emphasizes that there is a light that cuts through death’s dark shadow. That light is Jesus Christ, and He offers hope and comfort to all who are facing life’s final journey.

“As a hospice nurse, Deborah Howard has helped many people and their families through the process of dying. From her years of experience, she is qualified to help us all face death both emotionally and spiritually. This is a book that will be helpful to everyone, even though death in one’s family may not be imminent. I highly recommend the book.”
Jerry Bridges, author, The Pursuit of Holiness

“My father died from a malignant melanoma when I was 33 years old. How I wish I had had this book to read as I walked the path that led up to my father’s death. . . . I am glad to have this book to pass on to others as they face the journey.”
Bob Lepine, Pastor, Redeemer Community Church; Co-Host, FamilyLife Today

“This is a book about being a Christian, but it is more than that. And it is a book about being a hospice nurse, but it is more than that too. Howard uses her thorough knowledge of Christian Scripture to discuss and defend her ministry to the dying.&nbpsp;. . . She has a gift for the written word that makes her book very readable, and a gift for nursing that makes her a healer even at the time of death.”
A. Reed Thompson, Medical Director, The Arkansas Hospice

“At some point all of us will be involved with death, either of our loved ones or friends, or our own. Get a copy of this book, live with it, and you will be better prepared to deal with death when it does come.”
Curtis C. Thomasauthor, The Five Points of Calvinism: Defined, Defended, Documented; Retired Executive Pastor, The Bible Church in Little Rock

“This book will be of help to a wide-ranging readership from physicians and nurses to families facing an imminent loss. I am particularly recommending it to pastors, counselors, and serving saints. Howard’s use of the Scriptures is quite commendable. She is hermeneutically careful and theologically credible.”
George J. ZemekAuthor, Doing God’s Business God’s Way; Director, Ministry Training Center; Pastor to Senior Adults, The Bible Church of Little Rock






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