Sunrise in Another Land


By: Ferguson, David

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ISBN: 9781620202548

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Neville – hit man – deadly – until that one night when a witness saw him. With nothing to lose he hunts her down, through the alleys of London – only to find someone unexpected…

William Hunt – young – reckless… and in love – but with the governor’s daughter. There can only be one option…

Hannah – protected, but with a past that needs answers – a shadow – always there protecting her – but for how long will she be safe…

From the solitude of the Scottish lochs to the savagery of the African bush – all will be hunted as they pursue the truth. None of them are safe as the darkness closes in. Yet, with the rising of a terrorist group scouring the African bush, and a mob syndicate searching the streets of London , one man’s dream  for the treasure of a lifetime will cause all their lives to collide resulting in a choice… of life… or death.





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