The Suburban Christian


By: Hsu, Albert

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ISBN: 9780830833344

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Finding Spiritual Vitality in the Land of Plenty

Suburbia: Paradise or Wasteland?  Suburbia is a place of spiritual yearnings.  People come to suburbia looking for a fresh start, the second chance, a new life.  It embodies the hopes and longings of its residents, dreams for the future, safety and security for their children, and the search for meaningful community and relationships.  Yet much in our suburban world militates against such aspirations, and people find themselves isolated and alienated, trapped by consumerism and materialism.  Is there hope for a Christian vision for the suburbs?

Al Hsu unpacks the spiritual significance of suburbia and explores how suburban culture shapes how we live and practice our faith.  With broad historical background and sociological analysis, Hsu offers practical insights for living Christianly in a suburban context.  Probing such dynamics as commuting and consuming, he offers Christian alternatives for authentic spirituality, genuine community and relevant ministry.  And he challenges suburban Christians to look beyond suburbia and marshal their resources toward urban and global justice.  Suburbia may be one of the most significant mission fields of the twenty-first century.  Here is guidance and hope for all who would seek the welfare of the suburbs.





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