The Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse


By: Johnson & Van Vonderen


ISBN: 9780764201370

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No one should leave church feeling manipulated, controlled, shamed, or condemned. But places of shelter and encouragement can become abusive if spiritual leaders begin to use their authority to meet their needs for importance, power, or spiritual gratification. Here you’ll discover how to identify an abusive church and also how to break free from its destructive legalism. Topics covered include:

  • How spiritual abuse develops–and why those under its grip often don’t see it
  • The subtle ways that leaders and systems “hook” and control believers, robbing them of their joy in Christ
  • Scriptural help in recognizing healthy spiritual relationships
  • Effective strategies for escaping abusive situations

Insightful, practical, and solidly grounded in Scripture, this book has what you need to recover a grace-filled relationship with God and His church.

More than 120,000 sold.