Straightening Out Self-Centred Church


By: Benton, John


ISBN: 0852343841

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The Message of Titus

Many Christians are uneasily aware that there is a gap between their conscious commitment to the Lord Jesus and their practical, day-to-day living. This does not always arise from conscious disobedience to the Lord. Often sincere Christians find that this gap is opening up in their lives and they are rather bewildered by it. Something is happening which they do not quite understand, and they are not sure what to do about it.

This dichotomy between belief and behaviour is the central theme of Paul s letter to Titus and the epistle has much to say to our generation of Christians today. As Paul writes to Titus, he is well aware of the problem. But he has a sure and firm answer. The apostle provides us with spiritual dynamite to blast a way out of prison of subjectivism and self-centred living into the freedom and integrity which are ours in Christ.





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