Sticky Faith Innovation


By: Argue & Roose


ISBN: 9780991488087

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Young people have changed.
Their world has too.
Why should youth ministry stay the same?

This book is for every youth leader who knows that change is part of youth ministry. It’s for adults and mentors whose hearts both sing and break over young people. And it is for courageous pastors who will do whatever it takes to faithfully serve their teenagers.
That’s right, this book is for you.
Building on over a dozen years of research and intensive work with more than 50 youth ministries and 100 youth leaders, we’ve developed a step-by-step innovation process that equips youth leaders and their teams to effectively serve teenagers’ changing lives and support their long-term faith. Sticky Faith Innovation will guide your team time and time again as you propel your compassion, creativity, and courage toward cultivating a youth ministry that responds to the changing needs of your young people.
“FYI has done it again! Grounded in solid research and deep learning, this book offers new insights that help youth ministry leaders grow in compassion for our young people even as we ourselves are transformed by our relationship with them.” —Sarah F. Farmer, Indiana Wesleyan University, co-author of Raising Hope and Joy: A Guide for Youth Ministry

“Sticky Faith Innovation 
offers a solid and proven way of taking teenagers’ faith and life seriously, and guiding you through a process to get there. You won’t find a more helpful or empowering book for your team.” —Chap Clark, lead pastor at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, co-author of Sticky Faith and author of Hurt 2.0: Inside the World of Today’s Teenagers
“Through compelling stories, practical steps, and scriptural grounding, Sticky Faith Innovation will coach your team through the innovation process and inspire you to experiment in your ministry in ways that leave it–and you–changed.” —Jen Bradbury, minister of youth and family at Lutheran Church of the Atonement, author of The Real Jesus and The Jesus Gap