Spurgeon’s Theology for Multiplying Disc


By: Earls, Rod

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ISBN: 9781666743432

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Spurgeon is known for his sermons, but it is a wonderful study to learn from him the theology and practice which drove him and the Metropolitan Tabernacle to plant two hundred churches in and around London.  How did they accomplish this?

This book presents the story and principles of Spurgeon and his church which God taught and guided them to implement, and how pastors and churches today can apply them.  Each of us need a solid model to take heart from and follow.  Spurgeon and the Metropolitan Tabernacle meets that need.  There is great wisdom and practical encouragement to be received from their example for every Christian, church leader, and pastor to enjoy for Christ’s work.  This work was written to help make this experience possible and probable under God’s good blessings.  Read, pray, reflect, grow, and go for the Savior and souls!