Spiritual Living in a Secular World


By: Fernando, Ajith


ISBN: 9781854245786

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Christians today often feel themselves to be without a voice: a minority in an indifferent world.  Should we withdraw?  Get stuck in, despite blurred boundaries?  Like the Israelites in Babylon, for many of us this is a time of temptation and defeat.  Ajith Fernando’s warm, entertaining book uses the experience of the young Israelite, Daniel.  Daniel and his companions were the elite: young men of outstanding ability.  God put them in a position where their names – their very identity – were changed to fit Babylonian culture.  They learned pagan languages, studied matters alien to their own culture, became steeped in Babylonian society.  Yet they did not compromise their principles.  They avoided the opposite traps of isolation and accommodation.  By their lifestyle of radical obedience they proclaimed that the kingdom of God is alive and well – and so can we.





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