A Spiritual Field Guide


By: Brady, Bernard et al



ISBN: 1587431181

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Meditations for the Outdoors

At last, an inspiring and entirely fresh devotional reader designed expressly for people who love the outdoors.  In A Spiritual Field Guide, Bernard Brady and Mark Neuzil offer up biblical reflections on the natural world, humanity’s place in nature, and the role and tradition of “wilderness” in seeking and communicating with God.

Each chapter includes a series of prayers, meditations, and quotes drawn from Scripture and history’s most observant and devout nature lovers, from St. Augustine to Annie Dillard.

Whether you are setting out on a long trek, a short vacation, or a day-long trip-or simply sitting in a garden-this book will be an eye-opening and inspiring companion on the way.  A Spiritual Field Guide is for anyone wishing to draw near to God through contemplating the wonders of creation.





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