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The “Spelling You See” program from Demme Learning is a unique, research-based homeschool spelling curriculum with seven levels that follow the developmental stages of language development.

Spelling You See Level G: Modern Milestonesis suggested for students who are able to complete this skills assessment below successfully. Also, the student should be able to follow written instructions and work independently (see the “Spelling You See Philosophy” link above for an explanation of each stage).

The following passage is written at the minimum reading level for Modern Milestones. Can your student read it without difficulty?

The Chinese were the first people to print books. Their language uses thousands of characters instead of a simple alphabet. For many years they carved each page into a wooden block. Later, each character was carved from clay. The characters were baked so they would harden. Next they were fastened onto iron plates. A page was printed from each plate. Thankfully the clay characters could be used over and over! The process was a challenge. Still, it was easier than copying books by hand.

Dictate the passage above to your student and then answer the following questions:

  • Was my student able to complete the dictation with relative ease?
  • Did my student complete the dictation in 10 minutes or less?
  • When writing the passage from dictation, did my student correctly spell at least ten of the words from this list? language, thousands, characters, alphabet, carved, wooden, harden, fastened, iron, thankfully, process, challenge, easier

.If you answered “Yes” to all these questions, your child is ready to begin Modern Milestones. Modern Milestones is written for students who are in the Word Extension stage of spelling. It assumes that students can spell most words that they can read, although they may be uncertain about how those words change when adding prefixes or suffixes. While this level incorporates principles and activities from previous levels of Spelling You See, it is written for students who are ready to study specific word patterns and work more independently. A solid foundation in the Skill Development stage is essential for success in Modern Milestones.

Thirty-six lessons feature events in the Modern age, providing opportunities for vocabulary development and the mastery of everyday words. Lessons are divided into five parts (A through E); each part includes two daily worksheets. These lessons are split between two student workbooks for ease of use. Unlike in previous levels of SpellingYouSee, students will not use chunking, but a different marking scheme to identify base words, prefixes, and suffixes, with more instruction in this student workbook set to encourage independent learning.

The instructor’s handbook features the philosophy and overview for the program, frequently asked questions, lesson-by-lesson instructions, and a weekly activity guide. This is followed by passages for dictation. A line-listed, highlighted answer key is also provided.

The Spelling You See Level G Universal Set Includes:

  • SpellingYouSee G: Modern Milestones Workbook Part I: 183 pages, softcover.
  • SpellingYouSee G: Modern Milestones Student Workbook Part II: 183 pages, softcover.
  • Instructor’s Handbook, 70 pages with glossary, softcover. 9.25″ x 8″.