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The “SpellingYouSee” program from Demme Learning is a unique, research-based homeschool spelling curriculum with seven levels that follow the developmental stages of language development.

Spelling You See Level F: Ancient Achievements is suggested for a student who are nearing the end of the Skill Development stage and are able to write complete paragraphs comfortably (see the “Spelling You See Philosophy” link above for an explanation of each stage).

The following passage is written at the minimum reading level for Ancient Achievements. Can your student read it without difficulty?

Philo was very interested in electronics. When he was a teenager, he found a stash of science magazines. He studied them carefully. He learned that scientists were trying to make a new machine. It would use electricity to send and show pictures. He thought about it. He talked with his science teachers. One day he drew a picture on the chalkboard. It showed how a television could work. Philo Farnsworth’s plan was the first idea that worked.

Dictate the passage above to your student and then answer the following questions:

  • Was my student able to complete the dictation with relative ease?
  • Did my student complete the dictation in 10 minutes or less?
  • When writing the passage from dictation, did my student correctly spell at least ten of the words from this list? interested, science, magazines, studied, electricity, pictures, thought, talked, teachers, chalkboard, television, idea.

If you answered “Yes” to all these questions, your child is ready to begin Ancient Achievements. Ancient Achievements provides continued practice in the Skill Development stage of spelling with passages of gradually increasing difficulty. At the same time, it introduces students to interesting facts about word roots and more advanced word patterns. It is designed as a bridge to the Word Extension stage of spelling.

Thirty-six lessons feature nonfiction stories about ancient history, providing opportunities for vocabulary development and the mastery of everyday words. Lessons are divided into five parts (A through E); each part includes two daily worksheets. These lessons are split between two student workbooks for ease of use. Three core student activities: chunking, copywork, and dictation, are emphasized; for “chunking,” the instructor reads the passage with the student and then helps the student find and mark various letter patterns in the passage. This level also features “spotlights” that are designed to introduce students to Word Extension, the stage of spelling that follows Skill Development.

The instructor’s handbook features the philosophy and overview for the program, frequently asked questions, lesson-by-lesson instructions, and a weekly activity guide. This is followed by passages for dictation. A line-listed, highlighted answer key is also provided.

This Spelling You See Level F Universal Set Includes:

  • SpellingYouSee F: Ancient Achievements Student Workbook Part I: 183 pages, softcover.
  • SpellingYouSee F: Ancient Achievements Student Workbook Part II: 183 pages, softcover. Both are consumable, non-reproducible workbooks.
  • Instructor’s Handbook, 70 pages with glossary, softcover. 9.25″ x 8″.
  • One set of Crayola Erasable Colored Pencils (Set of 10).