A Spectator’s Guide to Worldviews

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By: Smart, Simon


ISBN: 9781921137778

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Our worldview acts as the lens through which we view the world. We might not look at the lens, but we do look through it, and will largely determine what we see in front of us. That lens can be very different for different people, and produce vastly divergent ways of understanding reality.

This lively, accessible book highlights society’s most influential voices – including New Age, Secular Humanism, Relativism and Postmodernism. Readers will be rewarded with a way to process the complex messages of our 21st century world and an understanding of how these relate to a Christian worldview.




1 review for A Spectator’s Guide to Worldviews

  1. Jackie Adam

    I read this book because I wanted to understand how other people view the world. Words like Post-modernism and humanism crop up but to be honest before I read this book I didn’t really understand what they meant. I had an idea but that’s all it was – I didn’t really know. The book looks at ten different ways of understanding life and compares them to Christianity. It is really such an interesting read and not difficult to understand. I thoroughly enjoyed it and felt I was learning and enriching myself at the same time.

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