Son of God (Vol 2) (Study Guide)


By: Folmar, Keri

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ISBN: 9781941114827

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This Bible study workbook is designed to assist you in examining

the second half of the Gospel of Mark in an inductive way. Inductive study means to read the passage in context and ask

questions of the text with the purpose of deriving the meaning and

significance from the text itself. We do this automatically every day

when we read the newspaper, blogs, or even recipes. When we study the Bible inductively we are after the author’s original intent; i.e., what the author meant when he wrote the passage to his original audience. In this workbook, you will unpack the meaning by answering a series of questions about the text, paying close attention to the words and context of the passage. After discovering the meaning of the text, there will be questions to help you apply it to your life.