Sing the Gospel – Slugs & Bugs (CD)


By: Goodgame, Randall


ISBN: 9781784982263

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This new collection of songs by Randall Goodgame will excite children and adults alike about the gospel. Some of the tracks have appeared on previous Slugs and Bugs albums, while others make their debut on this album, but each will help you sing about the gospel from its own special angle.

Featuring a host of brilliant Nashville musicians and additional vocals from Andrew Peterson and Sally Lloyd Jones, the musical quality of this album is superb, and the lyrics are both faithful to Scripture and wonderfully singable and therefore memorable. As always, Randall’s irrepressible sense of fun shines through and he will have you smiling and tapping your foot before you know it!

Here’s Randall’s take on ‘Sing the Gospel’:

“The riches of the Gospel are immeasurable. We get to be in God’s family! We are transformed from within! Our sins are forgiven, our wounds are made beautiful, and our joy never ends. Last year, our friends at The Good Book Company in the U.K. requested that we curate a collection of the Slugs & Bugs songs that explore these different aspects of the Gospel, and the result became ‘Sing the Gospel’ – a Slugs and Bugs collection.”

“For Sing the Gospel, we chose Gospel-minded songs from the first three Slugs & Bugs CDs plus a splash of silliness for good measure, added three new Scripture songs, and Home in Heaven, (inspired by Revelation 21) written for the 2015 Revive Conference in Canterbury, England. To close the CD, we adjusted THE LORD’S PRAYER song from SING THE BIBLE VOLUME 1 to reflect the traditional Book of Common Prayer.”

“I pray this collection of songs will serve as a beautiful and fun tool for parents and Sunday School teachers alike, as they explore the transforming power of the Gospel with their children.”