Simply Christianity (Leader’s Guide)


By: Dickson, John

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ISBN: 9781876326555

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Simply Christianity is a five-part course based entirely on the Gospel of Luke. The goal of the course is to surprise and challenge ordinary people (‘churched’ or ‘unchurched’) with the unique story of Jesus Christ as told by Luke.


About the Course
1. The Values of the Course
2. Overview of the Course
3. A typical session
How to Lead the Course
1. How to prepare for each Session
2. Tips on Doing the Presentation
3. Follow-up
4. Training New Leaders
5. Troubleshooting

The methodology of the course is simple: let the Gospel tell the gospel! The course closely follows the outline and themes found in the Gospel of Luke. It begins with a study on the reliability of Luke (and the Bible generally) as a reporter of true events. Then, as Luke introduces us to Jesus, we are confronted with the surprising authority and power of Jesus- an authority and power that is unique in both its extent and its purpose.

Within the parameters of Luke’s Gospel, leaders will have the opportunity to raise the questions they want to raise, to answer the questions that arise in their special context, and to apply the material in a way that seems most fitting for their particular group of people.