Simple Life Action Plan – Member Book [eBook]


By: Rainer, Art, Rainer, Thom S.

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ISBN: 9781430029267

Simple Life Action Plan by Thom & Art Rainer, is designed to help individuals create a mission statement based on the principles of clarity, movement, alignment, and focus. Four areas of life are considered: time, relationships, money, and God. Simple Life follows the paradigm introduced in the best-selling book Simple Church. (5 sessions)

Features Include:

  • A 30-day action plan to move the reader toward a simple life.
  • Leader helps include a small group experience as a part of the Member Book.
  • Help for a church doing this study as a congregation-wide initiative included.

Benefits Include:

  • Tangible help for busy individuals who long for a way to simplify their lives.
  • DVDs provide a personal touch from the authors.
  • Ideal for small groups.








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