Sharing Jesus with Under Fives


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A toddler comes across the floor, doing what she does best – toddling. We teach her to walk and talk, to express herself and communicate with others… but most of us are uncertain about how this child fits into our church.

Many children are put in creche and left there but it’s amazing what even the youngest child can learn about their Creator. Even a baby can learn basic but vitally important truths about their Lord and Saviour.

If you’ve ever looked at a two-year old and felt totally out of your depth on how to represent the Christian faith to them, this book will help you. Discover the world of the pre-school child, how they think and feel, what each age-group is capable of and then learn how to apply this to teaching them about Christianity.

Creche and Sunday school are not a baby-sitting service but a vital teaching resource for equipping today’s church.

Bursting with practical ideas this book is an excellent resouce for any congregation. It is an eye opener to what we can and should be doing with our children from day one.





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