Shadow of the Almighty


By: Elliot, Elisabeth


ISBN: 9781850786252

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The Life and Testimony of Jim Elliot

Few books have had such a great impact as this life and testament of Jim Elliot written by his wife, Elisabeth. He was a man of passion and a man of prayer, an earthly man with a heavenly mind, whose story continues to inspire today.

Shadow of the Almighty chronicles Jim’s journey from childhood in Oregon and his college days at Wheaton to the mission field of Ecuador where he eventually gave his life, aged 28.

Full of journal excerpts and personal letters, we are introduced to this great man, his struggles, his ambitions, his loves, his dreams and his all-consuming passion for Christ and his kingdom.

Discover the extraordinary story of Jim Elliot and be challenged to give your life wholeheartedly to Christ.

Content Benefits:

Uncover the inspirational story of Jim Elliot, one of the great missionary heroes of the faith, and be challenged to trust your whole life to God, whatever the circumstances.

  • Inspiring story of a man of faith who trusted God
  • Demonstrates the upmost courage and devotion to Christ
  • Riveting account of a missionary’s life in Ecuador
  • Part of the new Classic Authentic Lives Series
  • An inspiring and fascinating look at one of the heroes of the faith
  • Ideal reading for those who have read Through Gates of Splendour
  • Perfect book to encourage someone in their faith
  • Ideal reading for anyone who loves to see God at work in the world