Sex, Love and Relationships (Youthworks)


By: Sams, Michael


ISBN: 9781921460890

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How do we know what real love is? What should a Christian relationship look like? What is good sex and bad sex?

The world bombards us with its views on sex, love and relationships. As young people, how are we to seek a godly marriage or to live God’s way in singleness? These studies are designed to show us God’s views on relationships as revealed in the Bible as well as addressing issues such as pornography, masturbation and homosexuality.

More than ever, young people today need answers to life’s big questions. The Youthworks Bible Study series is designed to challenge and encourage young people to be confident in their faith in Jesus in a changing world. The studies have been written by experienced youth leaders and are arranged into one of three categories—Old Testament, New Testament and Topical—for a clear overview of the Christian message.





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