Setting our Sights on Heaven


By: Wolfe, Paul


ISBN: 9781848711433

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In Setting Our Sights on Heaven, Paul Wolfe brings out the Bible’s teaching about heaven, addressing the various factors that tend to push heaven out of our minds, and provides gospel remedies that help us push it back to where it belongs.

‘It is rare to find a book like this one . . . It is biblical, and full of helpful meditation. It is practical and has a ring of both truth and life. It is wonderfully simple in the best sense, clear and fresh like the water of a mountain stream.’
— Sinclair B. Ferguson, First Presbyterian Church, Columbia, S. Carolina

‘He tackles the question of heaven in a down-to-earth fashion that steers clear of the sentimentalism and vague theology so often associated with the subject. This book helps me not only to fulfil my pastoral duty in preparing my people for death but, more importantly, to prepare myself. I am more interested in going to heaven now having read this book!’
— Alistair Begg, Parkside Church, Chagrin Falls, Ohio





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