Sent (DVD Leader Kit)


By: Stetzer, Ed

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ISBN: 634337014418

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Sent: Living the Missional Nature of the Church – DVD Leader Kit, by Ed Stetzer is a young adult Bible study that issues a call to a new kind of missional living, one that engages culture, enables Christians to live in the world while not being of the world, and motivates the purposeful sharing of the story of Jesus Christ. Uncover the meaning of missional and explore where you fit into the overall purpose of the church. (5 sessions)

Study Sessions:

  • Introduction (Recovering the meaning of missional)
  • Session 1: God the Sender (Discovering the root of the mission)
  • Session 2: Kingdom Come (Living in the already, but not yet)
  • Session 3: The Church and the Yo-Yo (Looking out versus looking in)
  • Session 4: Culture Clash (Being in but not of the world)
  • Session 5: Living Sent (Taking steps in the right direction)




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