Seed Pack 1 (Workbook)


By: Shirer, Priscilla

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ISBN: 9781415869581

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SEED – Pack 1 is a DVD Leader Kit by Priscilla Shirer in a 6-part series of short videos that includes thought-provoking, modern-day parables with weekly Bible study guides. SEED Pack 1 is designed to facilitate three separate small group experiences. Watch the videos included, use the discussion guides together with your group, and go deeper with further study in the Member Book during the week. The homework in the member book is designed around Priscilla’s 5 Ps teaching method, helping those who participate to dig deeper into Scripture. Purchase individually or in packets of three with accompanying Member Book that provides 3 weeks of study and corresponds with the DVDs. Homework is in weekly format, not daily. (3 sessions)

Pack 1 Sessions:

  • Forgotten: Unnoticed, unappreciated, ignored, under-valued, over-looked, invisible. At one time or another, we have had these feelings. At one time or another we have made other people have these same feelings because of our actions. What does God say about the forgotten in His Word? Priscilla reminds us that God notices our worth and cares for us at all times and in all seasons. (Run time: 9 minutes)
  • Enough: Wanting more and wanting better are things that come naturally to us. Anxiety, worry, and concern often accompany those feelings. We have everything we need, right here for us, today. God is a good Father to us and He has taken care of you up to now, and will continue to. His gifts are good and they are always good enough. God is enough to take on the task ahead and enough to finish the job. (Run time: 7 minutes)
  • Control: Living life under the authority of God is difficult at times. Taking the lead in our own life story is a tendency of many of us. We all want to do the “leading” and have the “control” in our own life. Giving that up is difficult, but it is what God requires of us – and when we do so, we really can see that it is a beautiful result. (Run time: 12 minutes)

Homework studies Scripture with the 5 Ps:

  • Position yourself to hear from God
  • Pore over the passage and Paraphrase the major points
  • Pull out the spiritual principles
  • Pose the question
  • Plan obedience and Pin down a date


  • Each video in the SEED series stands alone and covers a specific topic, making this a perfect resource for leaders to choose lessons as they relate to the group.
  • Contains DVDs 1-3 (Forgotten, Enough, Control) and Member Book 1
  • Discussion Guide for Small Group Experience
  • Use with accompanying DVDs for short-term fill-in Bible studies, community group resource, or discussion starter at group gatherings.
  • Could be used in a mentor/mentee situation for accountability and growth.
  • Great for outreach to your friends who don’t know God – it raises spiritual questions in an informal atmosphere.