Searching for intimacy


By: Bowring, Lyndon



ISBN: 1850785856

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Pornography, the Internet, And the XXX Factor

Pornography is one of the most powerful weapons that Satan has ever used to enslave Christians, to neutralize or limit their walk with God.

Pornography is part of our modern culture, online and offline. And Christians are not immune to its power. It is addictive, and can ruin our personal relationships—and our relationships with God.

In this challenging and honest book, experts in the field examine the subject of pornography on the internet, the danger to children, how pornography affects users and others in their lives, and much more. Never judgmental, it addresses sensitive issues wisely—and there is also advice about what to do if you are addicted yourself.

A must-read for those concerned about what their children are accessing on the net or who are troubled about the sex-soaked nature of our society.





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