Say the Right Thing


By: Lacey, Carolyn


ISBN: 9781784988692

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How Your Words Can Glorify God and Encourage Others

Words are powerful.  They sink deep into our minds and our spirits.  They can build others up or put others down.  Many of us want to “say the right thing” and make a difference to others with our words, but we don’t know how to.  Others of us struggle to control our speech and want help to be more godly in this area of our lives.

This positive, constructive book delves into the Bible to show us how to overcome specific temptations, such as gossip or angry words.  But it also goes much further.  It shows us how we can use our speech to bring beauty, hope, truth, and comfort into the lives of those around us – and to give glory to God.

Full of gracious words and practical help, this book will help readers to find out how to let the gospel shape their speech and enjoy the blessings that flow from this.

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