Saving Abnormal


By: Berger, Daniel


ISBN: 9780997607789

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The Disorder of Psychiatric Genetics

In Saving Abnormal, Dr. Daniel Berger II presents an eye-opening account of both the historic origins and development of the current bio-psycho-social/neo-Kraepelinian model of mental illness, as well as how and why creating and asserting concepts of abnormality/degeneracy upon society is vital to sustain psychiatry’s existence. This book explores the key figures, important historic events, and clear scientific evidence so that the reader can gain understanding about the bio-psycho-social approach to the human soul/psyche, why it continues to fail, and why it must be discarded. More importantly, the book offers an alternative perspective that has historically shown to lead people into genuine hope and deliverance from their mental, emotional, and behavioral struggles.

From its genesis in race psychology, through its ushering in the Holocaust, and to its current destructive results, the genetic theory of mental illness continues to be a history of stigmatizing people in need of help and of harming individuals and entire societies. The currently held construct of mental illness is simply not an approach to human nature and human phenomena that saves lives or rightly explains the human condition. Instead, it is a phenomenology that judges some people to be categorically “unhealthy”/abnormal, blames it on their biology, and positions them mentally to be hopeless products of mother nature’s selection.

In addition to the history of the medical model, Dr. Berger also discusses in detail the foundational tenets of faith that undergird the currently popular genetic/eugenic theory of mental illness that are embraced by all who promote this paradigm. What should become apparent when the facts are discerned is that psychiatric genetics is primarily a worldview, not an empirical field. Saving Abnormal presents a wealth of evidence to consider and calls for a paradigm shift in the way the human soul/psyche is framed and approached.