Saved by Grace from First to Last


By: Russel, Martin


ISBN: 9780946462865

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Brian Russell subtitles this book ‘An explanation of the sovereignty of God and our experience of His saving grace.’ So, he seeks not only to make clear what the Bible teaches about God’s complete sovereignty in salvation, but to apply it to the life of the believer from conversion to glorification. His concern is to show how what are often called ‘the doctrines of grace’, and traditionally ‘the five points of Calvinism’ are the very heart of the biblical gospel, and that far from being, as some have claimed, an enemy to evangelism, rightly understood these great truths are the great spur to gospel preaching and give us our assurance and confidence in the triumph of the message we proclaim. Moreover, this is the authentic gospel which gives all the glory where it belongs – to God alone.





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