Save Them from Secularism


By: De Bruyn, David


ISBN: 9781492950325

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Barna claims that six out of ten children growing up in Christian homes will abandon the faith in their twenties. This staggering falloff rate is attributed to all kinds of things: the age-segregation of the church, shallow youth ministry, inconsistency of Christian adults, lack of spiritual leadership in the home, lack of serious discipleship in the local church, and proliferation of unwholesome media.

Not much attention has been given to the imagination: a child’s interpretive grid. If this grid is profoundly secular in the coming generation, the chances are that this massive drop-out rate will continue. For if a child’s attitude and sensibilities are shaped by secularism, he will reject the supernaturalistic gospel and the supernaturalistic Christian life, however well those truths have been taught.

Save Them From Secularism: Pre-Evangelism For Your Children seeks to give parents a practical guide of how this grid is shaped. More of a signpost than a textbook, the book will remind parents of the numerous ways that secularism intrudes, and how Christianity is to be taught “when we sit in the house, when we walk by the way, when we lie down, and when we rise up” (Deut 6:7)