The Sacrament of Happy


By: Harper, Lisa


ISBN: 9781433691935

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What a Smiling God Brings to a Wounded World

God is good, God does good, and oh, how He wants you to be happy.

In her new book, The Sacrament of Happy, Lisa Harper unveils that happiness is a gift from God that we can unashamedly enjoy.  Happiness tends to be cast as a fluffy emotion without substance rather than a biblical concept, but this is not theologically accurate.  Wearing the twin hats of both seminarian and belly-laughing adoptive mom, Lisa Harper dismantles the old-school idea that joy, not happiness, is the truly spiritual emotion, and asserts that Christ-followers are actually called to happiness.

We are called to happiness, and this happiness is not impacted by personal or global tumult.  In fact, happiness is a sacrament.  The general definition of sacrament is “a visible sign of inward grace”.  In communities of faith, it most often refers to holy communion or the Eucharist.  In the broadest understanding, however, a sacrament is a gift bestowed by God, and in that case, “happiness” is absolutely a sacrament – a visible, sometimes even audible, sign of inward grace!

Lisa shares heart-wrenching difficult stories from her past, as well as some side-splitting hilarity along the way. Throughout the book, we see that happiness and sadness can coexist and ebb and flow like the tides.

Christine Caine, Founder of A21 & Propel Women, had this to say about Lisa?s new book: “The Sacrament of Happy?like all of Lisa?s messages and books?enriches my understanding of God and His Word?and His great love for us. As always, she unfolds biblical truth so clearly and calls me to action. Every. Single. Time.?