Romans 1-5 (Good Book Guide)


By: Woodcock, Pet & Anne



ISBN: 9781904889618

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How often have you wondered about God… and you?

Most people ask the big questions of life, but are unable to find an answer. If there is a God, what is he like? How can I find out about him? What does God know about me? What does he think of me? Is he interested in me at all? Or is there some great secret I’m missing?

This Good Book Guide takes us to a part of the Bible that has compelling and insightful answers to these questions and many more. Paul’s letter to the Romans is a book that has been the turning point for many individual lives, and has shaped whole cultures and societies. But be warned! It will not be what you expect! This message from God is unique among all religions, faiths and worldviews – you will find nothing else like it anywhere!

You may know little about God, the Bible, Christianity or the church – but that does not matter. Simply come with a curious mind and your honest questions, and in just six one-hour sessions you can discover the astounding good news of Jesus Christ… and the truth about God and you.