Risk: Are You Willing to Trust God with Everything – Member Book [eBook]


By: Luck, Kenny

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ISBN: 9781415850527

RISK – Member Book is for men who are ready to go to the next level in their faith—and ready to say goodbye to playing it safe when it comes to radically trusting their Savior. RISK challenges men to avoid eliminating risk from their lives, because when it comes to faith, all the energy spent eliminating risk actually becomes a barrier in their spiritual journey. Predictability. Control. Safety. Comfort. Jesus challenges God’s man to throw all those words out the window.

Jesus said, “If you try to keep your life for yourself you will lose it. But if you give up your life for my sake…you will find true life” (Mark 8:35). There really is no such thing as the “safe life” when a man is committed to Christ and seeks to become God’s man. (8 sessions)


  • Eight discussion-driven group sessions
  • Great for existing men’s groups or new ones emerging from on-going ministry such as Men’s Fraternity
  • Great for accountability groups; in fact study expects members to meet weekly with an accountability partner





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