Revelation (Ivill)


By: Ivill, Sarah

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ISBN: 9781596384231

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The book of Revelation paints a breathtaking, majestic picture of Jesus Christ’s coming again to complete God’s plan of judgment and salvation.

This annotated, expository Bible study provides Old Testament backgrounds, commentary, and personal exhortations—distinguishing it from other Bible study guides.

“The study of Revelation has become less challenging and more edifying with Ivill’s book.” —Diane M. Poythress

“This is the first study guide to the book of Revelation that I can see using in our women’s Bible studies. . . . An inviting, effective tool to gain an understanding of this often-daunting book of the Bible.” —Kari Stainback

“Sarah. . . brings the whole of Scripture to bear in her expositions so that you truly see the unity of Revelation with the rest of the Bible.” —Donna Dobbs