Resurrection and Eschatology [HC]


By: Tipton & Weddington (ed)


ISBN: 9781596381261

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Richard B. Gaffin, Jr. stands tall among present-day theologians as one who has given his life to the study of Scripture and to its expression in the church. His influence spans five decades and is felt through his tireless service both at Westminster Theological Seminary and in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church.

This festschrift, written in Gaffin’s honor, features essays by twenty-three pastors and scholars, including D. A. Carson, Dennis Johnson, G. K. Beale, Peter A. Lillback, Vern Sheridan Poythress, and K. Scott Oliphint.

“Resurrection and Eschatology” emphasizes the fruits of Dr. Gaffin’s labor in three key areas: biblical and systematic theology, historical and polemical theology, and pastoral theology. A wide range of scholars contribute essays demonstrating his influence in biblical and theological studies, and pastors offer sermons showing how his theology can be brought to the pulpit.





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