Remember Me (The Hawk and the Dove) [eBook]


By: Wilcock, Penelope

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ISBN: 9781433526664

A monk has fallen in love.
A wise widow knows the truth.
And now the finances of the abbey are in jeopardy.

Father William knew something was changing deep within him. He felt it—from his belly, from his heart, from his soul—the reality of what was streaming forth unchecked. There was no denying it. This was love.

Yet Father William has more to worry about than simply upholding his vows to God, to the brothers of St. Alcuin, and to Abbot John. The brotherhood is running out of money and Father William must decide whether or not to take matters into his own hands.

Seasoned author Penelope Wilcock unlocks the story of one man’s struggles, mistakes, and heart’s longings, and traces the possibility of what it means to get things wrong and to begin again. She helps us see the unexpected ways God often chooses to heal a broken life, revealing the heart of God to make us whole.

Penelope Wilcock is the author of over a dozen books of fiction and poetry, including The Hawk and the Dove series. She lives a quiet life on the southeast coast of England with her husband and is the mother of five children. 

“If Penelope’s goal was to bring the hope that only Jesus can offer, please know she has been successful. She has this way of being able to authentically portray the human heart and all of its struggles that leaves one full of hope and love. That is not easily done—thank you. Excellent book. I loved it.”
Mary Gliserman, Dean of Faculty, Vice-Principal, and teacher, The Daniel Academy associated with the International House of Prayer, Kansas City

“Penelope Wilcock has penned a wonderful medieval series. In Remember Me, the final volume, she explores the struggle of a monk who has chosen his vocation wrongly to face the implications of his choice. The flavor of medieval and monastic life in Wilcock’s work is to savor anew with each volume.”
Mel Starr, author, The Unquiet Bones, A Corpse at St. Andrew’s Chapel, and A Trail of Ink 

“Magically beautiful, tender, and exquisitely drawn; full of teaching on love and forgiveness and almost every page brought a smile to my lips. I have fallen in love with all the books and I think Father William’s journey, interlaced with Abbott John’s is something of the best I have read.”
Sue Ridley, Sussex, United Kingdom

“These books are not only ‘a good read,’ but also touch on the deeper truths that profit us for eternity.”
Benedictine Abbess, Kent, United Kingdom

“We devoured the books, passing them on from one to another, identifying with the characters, appropriating their idiosyncrasies and easily recognizing parallel situations in community life. Congratulations to Penelope for so faithfully describing the phenomenon called monastic life—and for grabbing the heart of it with its daily struggles and surprises, its hopes and fears, its strengths and weaknesses—a microcosm of the human experience.”
Sister Ann, Prioress, Thicket Priory Carmelite Monastery, Yorkshire, United Kingdom






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