Regret-Free Living [HC]


By: Arterburn, Stephen


ISBN: 9780764204241

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Hope for Past Mistakes and Freedom From Unhealthy Patterns

You can do relationships right!  Regret-Free Living takes the focus from what was and what might have been and shines a bright light onto the path of what is and what is to be.  Christian counselor Stephen Arterburn speaks honestly and forthrightly about what it takes to build strong, healthy relationships.

Drawing on his own positive and negative experiences, he offers specific steps to rid yourself of relationship regrets, open your heart to healing, and move forward in love.  Arterburn’s practical counsel shows you how to recognize the signs and qualities of both happy and unhappy relationships, admit guilt and accept responsibility, find and give forgiveness, set boundaries, love and give out of fullness, and much more.

This is your invitation to, with God’s help, rid yourself of relationship regrets and begin building healthy, guilt-free relationships.