The Reformation Then and Now [HC]


By: Horton & Landry ed.

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ISBN: 9781619708907

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What caused Luther, Calvin, and others to set in motion the Reformation—and what are the consequences, both then and now? Is the 500-year-old breach between Rome and the Protestant church still necessary today? Does the Reformation even matter anymore?

The Reformation, Then and Now is a compendium of articles—gathered from the pages of Modern Reformation magazine—that illuminate the history and impact of the Protestant Reformation over the past 500 years. Although the questions above don’t have easy answers, over forty articles written by some of the most trusted voices across the Reformation spectrum offer readers a historical and spiritual walk through the Reformation by addressing the cause, the characters, and the consequences.


“As the world notes the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s Ninety-Five Theses, this book is a real boon for those who value the Reformation heritage of modern Protestantism. Of course, not all who believe Martin Luther, John Calvin, and company carried out a much-needed service to the church will agree with everything that has appeared in Modern Reformation on relevant subjects. But all who read these articles carefully will be rewarded with deeper historical insight and sharper theological insight.”
Mark Noll
Author of Protestantism: A Very Short Introduction (Oxford University Press, 2011)

“What a rich harvest of Reformation history and theology brought together by the editors of Modern Reformation in this one volume! Taken together, these essays present the Reformation as a dynamic movement of spiritual and ecclesial renewal.”
Timothy George
Founding Dean, Beeson Divinity School of Samford University; General Editor, Reformation Commentary on Scripture

“The Reformers’ solas (grace alone, Christ alone, faith alone, Scripture alone, to God alone be the glory) are as desperately needed as ever a half a millennium later. That this collection of enlightening articles from Modern Reformation keeps the focus of our theological contemplations centered on the Light of the world would thrill our sixteenth-century spiritual forefathers.”
Meredith M. Kline, ThD
Retired Director, Goddard Library; Ranked Adjunct Assistant Professor of Oriental Languages, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary