Rediscovering the Missing Jewel


By: Webber, Robert

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ISBN: 1565632575

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We are living in a time when worship has become a distinct priority for the Christian community. For years the church has emphasized evangelism, teaching, fellowship, missions, and service while neglecting the very source of its power – worship. Recently, however, many churches are experiencing a Spirit-led renewal in their understanding and practice of the praise and worship of God.

Rediscovering the Missing Jewel is a small-group course of study designed around thirteen easy-to-understand sessions:

  • Part One, The Biblical foundations of Christian Worship, explores worship in two sessions – one for the Old Testament and one for the New.
  • Part Two, Worship from the Time of the Early Church through the Nineteenth Century, consists of six sessions that trace important developments from Justin Martyr to the congregations of African-American slaves in North America. Along the way, sessions are devoted to Eastern Orthodox, medieval Catholic, Reformation, and Protestant free church worship.
  • Part Three, Worship Renewal in the Twentieth Century, traces strands of Christian experience that directly influenced worship in many congregations today: Pentecostalism and the charismatic renewal, liturgical renewal stemming from Vatican II, the “praise and worship” movement, and a more recent approach that deliberately blends newer and older elements of the Christian worship tradition.




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