Redeeming Productivity


By: Rose, Reagan


ISBN: 9780802428943

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Getting More Done for the Glory of God 

Feeling overwhelmed and unproductive?  The answer isn’t to do more.

What image forms in your mind when you think of productivity?  An assembly line?  Spreadsheets?  Business suits or workplace uniforms?  In the ancient world, productivity didn’t conjure images like these.  Instead, it referred to crop yield and fruit bearing.  This agrarian imagery helps us understand productivity through a biblical lens.  Jesus taught, By this my Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit (John 15:8).  Who doesn’t want to have a truly productive life – to bear much fruit?  But how does this happen in the places we hold dear – the home, workplace, and in our communities?

We often feel overworked and overrun, defeated, and discouraged.  The world says be productive so that you can get all you can out of this life.  The Bible says be productive so you can gain more of the next life.  In Redeeming Productivity, author Reagan Rose explores how God’s glory is the purpose for which He planted us.  And he shows how productivity must be firmly rooted in the gospel.  Only through our connection to Christ – the True Vine – are we empowered to produce good fruit.  This book shows how we can maintain the vitality of that connection through simple, life-giving disciplines.  Readers will discover manageable applications like giving God the first fruits of our days.  Additionally, Reagan discusses how our perspective on suffering is transformed as we see trials as God’s pruning for greater productivity.